Having always wanting to ‘own my own business’ and getting more a more frustrated with the restraints of a 9-5 (often 8am-7pm or more) job, I read a book – The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. This showed me a different way of doing things and that even owning my own traditional business wouldn’t be enough. The thing I wanted the most was time. Time with my family, time with my friends, time spend travelling, time spent doing nothing. And definitely not spending the majority of my time working for someone else.

So armed with a new way of thinking, and all the tools to get there, I launched head first into my first e-commerce business. So far it isn’t going so well but oh my god have I learnt a lot.

This blog will document my journey so far and the journey I have yet to travel as I work towards getting that first sale, and then the tenth and then the fiftieth and so forth.

I hope you find it entertaining, inspiring and maybe funny, but please join me on my entrepreneurial journey!

– Laura.