Favourite Resource

This is just a short post in case anyone is wondering how to wade through the wealth of information on dropshipping.


The single best thing I did was listen to this podcast – https://www.envision.io/blogs/ecommerce-pulse/tagged/Podcast


Leighton, the guy who does it, is an ecommerce entrepreneur, and has not only a lot of sage advice, but he’s also very humble. He hasn’t made his fortune via dropshopping, he just wants the freedom to go where he wants and live the life he wants and he uses ecommerce to do that. He’s just like us, trying, failing, succeeding, trying, failing succeeding. The guests he has on his show and the resources he puts in the show notes are fantastic, they open up a whole new layer of rich content and knowledge and most importantly, advice.


Anyway, if you’ve signed up for a million email series or blogs like I have and then just ignore the 50 notifications/emails you get in an hour – this podcast really boils things down in a gentle and easy to digest way – https://www.envision.io/blogs/ecommerce-pulse/tagged/Podcast.



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